Let Me Introduce You…

0wqocx1g8hw-eric-terradeIn the Mississippi Delta, creative endeavors run in our blood.  We like to think there’s something in the water that inspires us to put pen to paper or brush to canvas.  The unique cultural heritage of the blues region weaves itself into our DNA and presents itself visually in the art we create.  Many well-known artists consider the Delta their home.

In San Francisco, art is as accessible as simply looking outside.  The city is known for being artist friendly and has a vibrant history of attracting young dreamers, the height of which was the Summer of Love in 1967.  Today, San Francisco serves as an artist mecca, with many artists merging together to share their visual talents.

In Reno, we call ourselves citizens of “Artown,” where art is brought to life each July to be enjoyed by thousands.  As Reno is currently experiencing a cultural revival, the art scene is thriving and new works are being created and installed around the city daily.

As I have lived in and created my own art in each of these places, I have had the unique opportunity to meet and experience the works of many emerging talents.  I have had the fortune to partner with different people from various background with one common interest:  creating.

Through featuring various artists and highlighting local creative movements, I hope to open your mind to bringing fine art into your everyday life, as it serves to greatly enrich your environment and well-being.   Whether you’re looking for a piece to use as a conversation starter, are looking for something to inspire your own creativity, or just want to get a better understanding of how art impacts the communities in which we live and expand your knowledge of art beyond the Mona Lisa, the stories showcased here will bring you up close to creators from these different backgrounds.  Let me introduce you to their work.


3 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You…

  1. I’m so excited to see who you will introduce us to! Art is one of those things that most people take for granted, so thank you for shining your light on this field of work.


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