3 Reasons Why Art Is Important

One of the comments from a previous post pointed out that “art is something we take for granted.” This got me thinking… Art enriches our lives in many ways every day.
With so many different forms of art, it’s nearly impossible not to be exposed to it throughout the course of each day. So, why is it important that we care about art?

1. Art allows us to express ourselves in a nonverbal way.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, the works that you purposefully bring into your life are an expression and a mirror of your personality. Think about what adorns the walls of your home. Why was that work created and how does it enrich your life?

2. Art allows us to explore the unknown, seek new adventures, and experience emotions.

Humans, by nature, are “truth-seekers” who want to understand the environment around them. Artists, in particular, spend hours creating works that seek truth, in some form or another. Art helps us better understand others around us, and by extension ourselves, and has filled in the gaps of our past, imagined a different future, and brought clarity to the present. Art has a great way of making us think beyond what’s simply on the surface.

3. Art brings us together in our communities.

Even if you don’t have a local art museum, or have never been to an art show, members of communities can identify together through various local arts. In Reno, we view our Believe sign as a unifying signal of our community.


Photo credit  “Believe” by artists Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton

In what ways do you appreciate art?  Let me know in a comment below.



4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Art Is Important

  1. I believe that art enhances my home and makes it a better reflection of myself and my values. I enjoy being surrounded by the particular energies of each piece and the joy they bring me. I’ve really gotten into art collecting and understanding how and why people collect art recently. It’s fascinating to see each person’s collection.


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