Annie Guddat, part 2

I previously introduced Annie Guddat’s work and shared her purpose in creating her mysterious, thought provoking images.  With masks, shadows, and distorted illusions often obscuring the full view of the models’ faces, Annie is able to beautifully capture the lengths we can go through to hide our true selves from others.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Photo credit:  Annie Guddat

Annie creates her work in Reno, Nevada, a community rich in artistic creativity.  “I think our community does a great job in holding events to support the arts. However, I think the more that we support the artists, the more artists will come out to share their work,” Annie says.   It’s important to not take for granted local art events, as patronage encourages further growth within the arts community.  Annie plans to display her photographs at the upcoming Midtown Artwalk event, a merging of art, culture, and local Reno businesses, set to be held each July in Reno.

One reason that art is so impactful is because it allows us to connect to one another on a fundamental human level.  Annie shares, “I think that whether one is an artist or not, we should all strive to understand and accept each other with grace and love. I believe that humans were created to unite with one another and be trustworthy of sharing our true selves with one another. That we may be able to bare one another’s burdens, yet rejoice with each other when there is something to be celebrated. Striving to understand the art around us is striving to understand the people around us, and I think there is a lot of worth in that.”

Check out Annie Guddat’s Instagram profile to see more of her deep and insightful photographs, and mark your calendar for the Reno Midtown Artwalk, to see her work in person.


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