Andrew Goldfarb, Part 1

Andrew Goldfarb, aka The Slow Poisoner, is quite a creative force with which to be reckoned.  Describing his work as “black-humored macabre surrealism, with a twist of kitsch,”  Goldfarb takes the viewer on an escape from reality and into a dreamlike dimension of perfectly phantasmagorical creatures and scenes through various mediums, including paintings on black velvet.

Saucerman by Andrew Goldfarb

Andrew says, “I like making art that’s fun and accessible, but bizarre. I think it’s important to keep things weird these days; having weirdness in our lives helps us maintain a flexible outlook and keeps us from falling into dead-ended, dogmatic thinking. In a culture that suffers from too much sameness and an abundance of corn syrup-like synthetic flavors, works of art that invoke mystery and madness can save us from humdrum depression.”

“I’m also on a mission to revive the art of painting on black velvet, which I think has a unique vibe.”  Goldfarb’s black velvet paintings feature subjects ranging from unicorns to swamp monsters and political figures.

In addition to the black velvet paintings, Andrew Goldfarb utilizes resources of many forms to create his surreal worlds.   As The Slow Poisoner, Andrew is a one man rock band producing music just as intoxicating and unearthly as his art.  Upcoming tour dates can be found at The Slow Poisoner website.

Pyramid Power by Andrew Goldfarb


“I think it’s easy to lose touch with the elements of romance and excitement in modern life. When our existence is geared towards acquiring financial security, often in soulless cubicle environments, and we retire to homes full of electronic entertainment and convenience, there is precious little that is bizarre and surprising in our everyday routine. Hang a painting of a giant pink chainsaw-wielding rabbit in your living room, and that mystery and excitement is back in your life.”

Check out more of Andrew Goldfarb’s work at his website, OgnerStump, and invite his brand of mystery and excitement into your life.


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