Mississippi Delta Art

The art community in the Mississippi Delta is about as close knit as a community can be.  Many of the residents of this region are involved in the creation or the support of arts.   Because the culture is so art-centric,  many galleries and associations have developed over the years.

The website visitthedelta.com offers great resources for visitors and residents to locate galleries in different cities within the Delta.

Greenville Arts Council


Greenville Arts Council curates the Roger D. Malkin gallery, located in downtown Greenville, and offers various art classes and camps throughout the year.  Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 4 PM.  The council also hosts the Biennial MS Invitational Art Show, which attracts submissions from residents all over the state.
Check out their website at Greenville Arts Council for events and services.

Delta Artists Association

Delta Artists

The Delta Artists Association strives to enhance the community through support and promotion of the arts.  The mission of this association is to exhibit work, educate and develop members, and provide opportunities for artists to share ideas and inspiration.

Find current exhibits and here at the Delta Artists Association website.


Do you have a favorite gallery or association in the Mississippi Delta?  Contact me to add it to this index.



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