Janice Neill Dean, Pt 2


As previously introduced here, Janice Neill Dean is a creator of beautiful artwork that captures scientifically accurate depictions of the natural world.  She currently has an exhibition of sixty-eight pieces of botanical art and natural science illustrations on display in Greenville, Mississippi, a place where she generates great community support and feels right at home.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.50.25 PM

“I show my work primarily in the MS Delta, where I lived until retirement from education administration ten years ago. Deltans consider themselves knowledgeable about art and are inclined to make their own purchases. They are also prepared to pay the prices which my botanical paintings command. Another way that my work is influenced by my community is in the variety of flora and fauna from which I can choose my subject matter. Mississippi’s climate is temperate and fertile, and there are many gardeners who are willing to provide plant materials.”


Art is a welcome part of culture in the Mississippi Delta and many members of the community come together to form artist associations, like the Delta Artists Association, of which Dean is a member.  “I participate in many community events focused on the arts, from exhibits to public speaking to teaching to attending workshops and judging. I am a member of several local art groups in both the Jackson-area and the Delta.”


Find more of Janice Neill Dean’s botanical art and natural science illustrations on her Facebook page, and visit her exhibit, “The Wonders of the World,” at the Roger D. Malkin Gallery in Greenville, Mississippi, through mid-April.


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