Singaporean Artists

I recently published an introduction to Singaporean art.  Being able to visit Singapore and experience what the arts community is like, I feel that it is important to reflect on artists that have been influential in the creation of the culture.  Art is literally everywhere in Singapore.  From interactive sculptures decorating the parks that are located throughout the city, to the art galleries that dot the city blocks, Singapore has positioned itself as a global art hub.  Because of the focus and support that the fine arts get, Singapore has experienced an emergence of many talented artists in the past decades.  Here are a just a few of the many notable ones.

Liu Kang

Heavily influenced by Cezanne, van Gogh, and Matisse, but seeking to incorporate a differentiated style of Southeast Asian art, Kang was a pioneer of the Nanyang Style of painting. He greatly contributed to the Singaporean art community throughout his life and donated over 1,000 works to the Singapore Art Museum before his death.  He is still considered to be a visionary of the Singaporean art community today.


Autumn Colors by Liu Kang

Georgette Chen

Chen spent much of her youth in Paris, visiting museums and roaming the city, but called Singapore her home.  Awarded the Singapore Cultural Medallion in 1982, Chen was also considered a major contributor to the Singapore Nanyang style of work. Many of her paintings were donated to the Singapore Art Museum after her death.

Georgette Chen 

Ng Eng Teng

Ng is considered to be the “Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture” and many of his sculptures are found in public places throughout Singapore, further helping Singapore identify as a global arts hub.  He was personally influenced by painter Georgette Chen to continue to creating his art in Singapore.

Mother and Child


Be sure to check out this website for more information on contemporary Singaporean artists and the website for the Singapore Art Museum to view the collections of the artists mentioned above.  Do you know of any Singaporean artists that should be featured?  Leave a comment on the blog to add them to this post.



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