Australian Artists

Australia has produced many world-class artists over time, and while there are many that deserve to be discussed, I picked a few of my favorites to feature.  All of these artists have worked in the Hill End artist colony in Australia, a highly sought after artist in residence program.  Find more information about Hill End here.


Margaret Olley

Best known for her 2007 painting “Yellow Room,” Margaret Olley was the creator of many still life and landscape paintings.  After studying painting at the East Sydney Technical College, Olley moved to the Hill End, then simply a historic gold mining town.  Olley produced vast amounts of works and held an exhibit at least once a year.  “Yellow Room” came at the age of 84, and is a painting of her favorite room in her home.

“Yellow Room”


Russell Drysdale

Influenced by surrealist and abstract art, artist Russell Drysdale’s work examined the relationship between the landscape and the inhabitants of inland Australia.   “The cricketers” has been described as, “one of the most original and haunting images in all Australian art” by the National Gallery of Australia.

The cricketers


Donald Friend

Often remembered personally for controversy surrounding content published in his diaries, Friend’s paintings stand out amongst Australian artists and are described as “quaint and light-hearted in mood.” As one of the first artists to settle in Hill End, he often depicted scenes from the desolate town.


Find a list of 20 more influential Australian artists here.  Have a recommendation for an Australian artist, past or present, for me to feature?  Leave a comment below!


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