5 Instagram Tips for Artists

Social media marketing is an inevitable part of promoting yourself as an artist, whether you are established or are just getting started.  Instagram, in particular, with its emphasis on visuals, is a great marketing tool.  However, it can be easy to get lost in the noise of the nearly 100 million pictures that are uploaded daily.  In order to stand out as an artist, there are a few basic principles to follow when utilizing social media, and Instagram in particular, to get noticed and ultimately drive sales of your art.




1. Each picture should add value to your brand as an artist.  Your overall mosaic of pictures should help viewers understand your style, aesthetic, and general subject matter.  Your Instagram account should be an extension of your website, which is essentially the hub of your brand.

2.  Link back to your website.  This is especially helpful if you are wanting to sell your work. As as mentioned above, your website and Instagram will both add clear value to your brand and will attract consumers and appreciators of your work. If you want to sell your art, make it easy for viewers to find your website through adding a link on your bio page and let the world know that you’re open for business!

3.  Be engaging with the community.  Social media drives people together and enables them to create sub-communities grouped by interests.  With artists utilizing this tool and sharing their work, a substantial community of artists and appreciators have developed on Instagram.  Be active, share work, promote others, post comments and others will do the same for you.




4.  Use hashtags and captions to your advantage.  There are currently over 244,000,000 posts utilizing #art, so simply using “art” as a hashtag won’t garner attention.  Stay in tune with tending hashtags, or create a new personalized one.  Something like #amandafrazierart is easily searchable and personalized.  Shoot for between 5-10 hashtags per post, utilize a mix of broad and narrow search terms, and be sure to keep them relevant to your work and your brand.

5.  Produce content.  It’s critical that you post content regularly to your Instagram account to keep your follows engaged and your posts reaching new audiences.  Many people unfollow and lose interest in accounts that aren’t updated regularly, so get to posting!




Successfully utilizing social media can work wonders for your livelihood and brand as an artist.  Want to explore helpful tips further?  Here’s another resource with additional information to effectively maximize your Instagram impact.  What helpful tips do you utilize on social media to get your work noticed?  Share in the comments!


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